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Beaker_Tilt_PNGWe keep it simple. We work with you to identify your needs and partner with you to create solutions. Working with small to mid-sized businesses is our sweet spot. Whether supporting your existing team, or acting as your outsourced HR, we partner with your to offer a range of services and support. We create solutions resulting in a high performance workplace.

We also work with new job seekers and seasoned professionals who are in career transition. We truly empathize with the personal and professional challenges people face. We support individuals to see clearly through the chaos and focus on what you want, and how to get it.




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Tim Baker has a diverse professional background including Operations Management, Customer Service and Human Resources Management. Throughout all of his professional endeavours there has always been one commonality: people. Tim has always focused on the impact people have on an organization.

As a Certified HR Leader (CHRL), Tim is continually learning the most current and innovative workplace strategies. He attends professional development workshops through the HRPA and other conferences. Tim strongly believes that having the right people in your organization (the Aces in their Places) and keeping them engaged is fundamental to success.

Tim is an active member and volunteer with the Human Resources Professionals Association, and his local chapter, through their Mentoring programs, Communications Portfolio and Annual Conference & Trade Show.

When he is not supporting clients and individuals, he is likely coaching his kids sports teams, volunteering in the community or engaging his professional network.

I needed a HR consultant in Canada with cross border experience, which Tim has. It impressed me that Tim got what I was doing and was excited about the opportunity to solve my unique challenges. Working with Tim is enjoyable because he always brings new ideas and approaches. Enthusiasm for one’s career is not a given, but Tim definitely has a passion and enthusiasm for his work. Professionalism and honesty are also critical. When I discussed my business model with Tim, he asked the hard questions and delved into my business model. I like the fact that Tim is ready to admit what he doesn’t know. And then he sets about finding the answer. He has a good network, so the needed information is just a phone call away.

Marc Pavlopoulos
Founder, Syndesus

Marc Pavlopoulos Marc Pavlopoulos