• HR Consulting

    As a small business owner you wear many hats and the area of HR & Employment can be tricky to navigate. Partnering with a professional on compliance, performance, talent management and hiring/terminations can minimize your risk allowing you to focus on your business operations.

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  • HR for Startups

    Even startups need an HR professional to help build a solid foundation. You may not need someone full time, but a partner is highly recommended. I build an HR foundation that looks, feels and sounds like your culture. From compliance to engagement, let’s co-create your agile people practices.


  • Talent Sourcing

    The search for talent is a tough road to travel, and the talent is in the driver’s seat. This means that companies must work smarter to find, attract and retain the right talent. Successful talent sourcing is more than just finding the right skill sets; it’s about finding the right people that align with your culture and business goals.

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HR Consulting and Talent Sourcing

In the area of HR, I focus on start-ups and small business. Why? Because it’s an exciting time of creativity, energy and growth, especially for your people! The last thing you should be doing is trying to navigate the world of HR & Employment on your own.

I take a very holistic approach to Talent Sourcing. Filling positions is one thing; building a talent pipeline is another. You really have to know who you are looking for before you go out looking for them. By partnering with your team I can build your candidate profile, and then go find them.

Whether you’re looking for solutions in the area of compliance, employee relations, performance management or talent acquisition, I will provide you with the solutions you need.

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  • Syndesus
    Working with Tim is enjoyable because he always brings new ideas and approaches. Enthusiasm for one’s career is not a given, but Tim definitely has a passion and enthusiasm for his work. Professionalism and honesty are also critical. When I discussed my business model with Tim, he asked the hard questions and delved into my business model. I like the fact that Tim is ready to admit what he doesn’t know. And then he sets about finding the answer. He has a great network, so the needed information is just a phone call away.

    Marc Pavlopoulos

    Marc Pavlopoulos

    Founder & CEO

  • Juno Fertility
    Tim joined us to provide human resource services and support. His expertise and attention to detail allowed Juno to improve and grow as an organization. In a short period of time, Tim upgraded the human resource operation of Juno and allowed us to make significant changes in the structure of the employment agreements and compensation. He completed the employee handbook and converted our HR system to a paperless online HR registry. He also governed the process of transition to a web payroll system, scheduling, and attendance applications. He had also played a key role in hiring new personnel for our new clinic in Guelph. Tim’s work is efficient, meticulous and performed at the highest level of professionalism.

    Dr. Y. Bentov

    Dr. Y. Bentov

    Medical Director

  • The Village Children's Programs
    As an HR Consultant to the Board Executive, Tim led us in the selection process for a hired staff member. He was extremely flexible with our varied schedules, he managed the process efficiently, timely and professionally and we are thrilled with the results! Tim is a very personable person and he makes people feel so comfortable and relaxed which is quite a skill during tense times such as job interviews.

    Jackie MacDonald-Bartkiw

    Jackie MacDonald-Bartkiw

    Vice President

  • Tim values the personal and professional relationships he makes and is constantly nurturing them to grow. He has helped me connect with several other business partners and individuals to help me in my personal and professional endeavours. With my background in Human Resources I am more than confident in recommending Tim for any HR related issues small business owners may have. Tim has a wealth of knowledge and is excellent at sharing it to help others succeed.

    Sandra Eamor

    Sandra Eamor

    Sr. Business Analyst & Entrepreneur

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